Digestive System

The digestive system breaks down food into smaller pieces so it can be absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the body’s cells which use it to make energy. This energy helps you run and think and play. Organs in this system system include the esophagus, stomach, pancreas & small intestine. Listed below are books and activities to help you learn more about this amazing body system. Have you every wondered exactly how food is digested? Watch this video to solve the mystery and then try out some of the online activities to explore the steps in the digestion process.

Websites, Activities & Printables

More Body Systems

Human Body Facts and Functions Revealed in Diagrams, Infographics, and Photographs

Books for kids that explore the digestive, circulatory, nervous, excretory, muscular, and respiratory systems. Learn the names of each body part and all the details about how they function together to keep us breathing, dancing, jumping and running.

Title - The Human BodyTitle - Why DonTitle - It Takes GutsTitle - The Good Germ HotelTitle - Bodies Are CoolTitle - Your Amazing Digestion From Mouth Through IntestineTitle - Artificial OrgansTitle - The Human BodyTitle - IllumanatomyTitle - See Inside the Human BodyTitle - Understanding Our MusclesTitle - Extreme Abilities

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