What We’re Reading Kids – May

Are you looking for reading recommendations for kids? We can help! Use these book lists created by our staff to find new and favorite books for kids of all ages covering a variety of topics and interests. Would you like to see more? Browse all of our staff recommendations for kids. Would you prefer one-on-one help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text, or email ask-a- librarian. For next step reading suggestions you can also browse What We’re Reading Teens.

Kids’ books for Jewish American Heritage Month that aren’t about the Holocaust

A plethora of novels about Jewish kids past and present written by authors of that faith. Updated 4/25/24.

Title - Lucky Broken GirlTitle - Meet RebeccaTitle - Walk Till You DisappearTitle - The Sound of Silence

Challah Days: Historical Adventures for Young Readers

These historical fiction novels by Jewish American authors offer a glimpse into Jewish history, culture, and experiences, making them both educational and engaging for young readers. Happy reading!

Title - Dave at NightTitle - A Ceiling Made of EggshellsTitle - All-of-a-kind FamilyTitle - Summer of My German Soldier

Girl (and more) Power in Space

Ok, honestly, we have a little something for everyone on this list. However, it was created for a customer who definitely wanted a list of books that featured girls as astronauts or in outer space.

Title - Zita the SpacegirlTitle - CatStronautsTitle - Cleopatra in SpaceTitle - The Last Cuentista

Children’s Fantasy Novels by Asian-American authors

In May, we shine the spotlight on authors with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage. These fantasy novels draw on their unique cultural backgrounds and add a twist!

Title - Where the Mountain Meets the MoonTitle - When the Sea Turned to SilverTitle - Spirit HuntersTitle - A Wish in the Dark

Would You Still Love Me If I Were a Worm?

Worms are fascinating and important creatures! Help little ones learn more about the wriggly, squiggly world of worms with these nematode-ally awesome books for kids. While the world of worms is diverse and expansive, most of these titles center on a general understanding of worms, and earthworms in particular.

Title - How to Say Hello to A WormTitle - DarwinTitle - Curious About WormsTitle - We Dig Worms!

Is the Astronaut Life For Me?

The recent total solar eclipse may have inspired kids in your life to delve deeper into the mysteries of space. They might even decide they’d like to become astronauts to get an outer space view of the Moon, Earth and Sun. Here’s some inspiring reading to fuel their dreams.

Title - So You Want to Be An AstronautTitle - ITitle - The Only AstronautTitle - Go for Liftoff!

Kids Explore Geology

What an amazing planet we live on! The books in this list will provide young scientists with vital information about how the Earth formed and help them explore geology through experiments, rock collecting, and more.

Title - GeologyTitle - Rock Collecting for KidsTitle - Geology Lab for KidsTitle - Rocks and Minerals

Bugs! Insects! Spiders! Creepy Crawlies!

Kids are fascinated by bugs and other creepy crawlies. At Central Library’s Learning Curve we will be helping kids learn about insects, arachnids, and more during our Spring Break Open Activities: weekday afternoons from March 25 – April 5, 2024. Check our online calendar for details. Meanwhile, here is a list of just a few of the MANY books we have about the fascinating world of insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

Title - WhatTitle - Insects by the NumbersTitle - Bug AtlasTitle - The Book of Brilliant Bugs

Hey Kids, Let’s Dance!

Try out some new dance moves with books about all different kinds of dance, from cha-cha to hip-hop and everything in between!

Title - The All-American Jump and Jive JigTitle - FirebirdTitle - Cha-cha-cha en la selvaTitle - Dance Is for Everyone