What We’re Reading Kids – March

Are you looking for reading recommendations for kids? We can help! Use these book lists created by our staff to find new and favorite books for kids of all ages covering a variety of topics and interests. Would you like to see more? Browse all of our staff recommendations for kids. Would you prefer one-on-one help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text, or email ask-a- librarian. For next step reading suggestions you can also browse What We’re Reading Teens.

Hooray for Birds!

Birds are so much a part of our every day lives that sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate them for how cool they are! These are some of my favorite picture books about birds. If you have a kid who likes birds, give these a try! Register to join us online for Reading Ready Time – Hello Birdy on March 6. Children 3-6 are invited to sing along, listen to a story, see new places, and meet amazing people!

Title - Hooray for Birds!Title - Mel FellTitle - Bird HouseTitle - I Spy in the Sky

Talking Hands with ASL

According to the American Society of Deaf Children (ASDC), “Research shows that reading and signing stories together helps promote essential literacy skills for ALL children: deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing.” Just click on a book cover to enjoy these video read alouds in American Sign Language. Also, register to join us online on March 20 for Reading Ready Time – Talking Hands with ASL Interpreter Hilari Vrgo.

Fruit Salad Story Time

Fruits are tasty and good for you! They make the best snacks! Here are some great books for a fruit-themed story time or display! Register to join us online for Reading Ready Time Fruit and Veggie Yoga. Children 3-6 are invited to sing along, listen to a story, see new places, and meet amazing people!

Title - Avocado AsksTitle - Big Book of Colorful FoodsTitle - Counting to BananasTitle - Eating the Alphabet

Celebrating Ramadan

Resources to help you learn about the season of Ramadan or to celebrate the holiday with the children in your home. Ramadan moves dates each year. Sometimes it’s a spring holiday, sometimes a fall holiday or it can be a summer or winter holiday. This makes it different from a lot of other holidays. No matter when Ramadan falls, how it is celebrated remains the same. This list features materials both about Ramadan and Muslim culture in general.

Title - A Moon for Moe & MoTitle - The Gift of RamadanTitle - Under the Ramadan MoonTitle - Hannah and the Ramadan Gift

B is for BUNNY!

What’s fluffy, cute, and hops all over? These fun picture books!

Title - How to Catch the Easter BunnyTitle - Big BunnyTitle - Bunny BusTitle - Bunny in the Middle

Harold and the Purple Crayon

The power of imagination and drawing play starring roles in these titles. Some are wordless, some are gorgeous, some are funny and hopefully some will become new favorites with your young reader. Is your child ready to create? We have several upcoming programs for children to enjoy! Register for: BabyArtsPlay, Paper Art Portraits, Art Deventures with Mr. Jeremy, and Creative Writing and Drawing with Professor Watermelon.

Title - JourneyTitle - The Carrot SeedTitle - The Red BookTitle - Arlo Draws An Octopus

Rhythm & Dance

Looking for picture books that make you want to move? These books will get your kids clapping, stomping, and dancing to the rhythm of words! Register to join us for Dance with Me and Wiggle and Bounce Storytime!

Title - Tanka Tanka Skunk!Title - Jazzmatazz!Title - I Got the RhythmTitle - Max Found Two Sticks

Sheroes and Girl Power: Books for Kids

Newer biographies that celebrate the efforts and genius of women. Success in different fields and talents and the long reach and effort to continually push towards “justice” for all are just the tip of the list here.

Title - Born ReadingTitle - Go Forth and TellTitle - The Oldest StudentTitle - Coretta

Stormy Books for Stormy Days

Boom! Crash! Whether your little one looks forward to storms lighting up the sky, or needs help handling big, scary emotions during big, scary storms, this list has the book for you.

Title - StormTitle - Storm WhaleTitle - The Legend of the Storm GooseTitle - The Longest Storm

How to Lose: Kids Books About Being a Good Sport

It never feels good to lose a game or come in last place. Learning to lose (and win) graciously can be a lifelong challenge for those of us who love to compete. Check out these titles to help kids process their feelings of disappointment and learn to have fun whether they win or lose.

Title - The Big CheeseTitle - Callie Cat, Ice SkaterTitle - Number One SamTitle - Evie