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Recommendations from Our Staff – September 2023

Would you prefer one-on-one help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text, or email ask-a- librarian.

Make a selection from one of the book lists below created by our staff of avid readers. After that follow featured lists here or check our staff’s most recently published lists on the library catalog home page. Don’t miss our If You Like… suggestions that cover all the favorite genres like science fiction, graphic novels, romance, and more. Finally, don’t miss What We’re Reading Teens and What We’re Reading Kids.

Culinary Book Club – Basic Cookbooks and limited ingredient Cookbooks

Here are some basic, simple and limited ingredient cookbooks to get you started or restarted on the way to cooking. Also included on this list are a few websites to peruse and find more recipe ideas and cooking techniques.

Learn more about the Culinary Book Club at our Lawrence branch. Get together with us to discuss cookbooks!

Title - The New Cooking School CookbookTitle - Joy of CookingTitle - Salt, Fat, Acid, HeatTitle - Betty Crocker Best 100

History of the Indianapolis Public Library

Since 1873, The Indianapolis Public Library has proudly served the city of Indianapolis. Learn more about the long history of our favorite library system using this list of resources found in Digital Indy, the Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Special Collections, and the Indianapolis Public Library Catalog.  Join us for some unique history program featuring our branches during the months of September and October.

Title - A Live Thing in the Whole TownTitle - StacksTitle - Indianapolis Public Library CollectionTitle -

The Anthropocene Reviewed

Did you find one of the reviews particularly interesting? Do a deep dive into the topic! Some books or movies are cited in the book, others are newer materials that give more information on the things that John Green decided to review.

Title - Rodgers & HammersteinTitle - Big HistoryTitle - Comet MadnessTitle - The Great Gatsby

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month along with World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. Let’s take this time to provide support to those who struggle and remember those we have loss and loved.

Title - Unfinished ConversationTitle - Lay My Burden DownTitle - Finding MeaningTitle - All the Wrong Places

Some Interesting Documentaries

Many people think documentaries are boring, but here’s a list of documentaries that are eye-opening, thought-provoking, and anything but boring.

Title - MarjoeTitle - SalesmanTitle - Gates of HeavenTitle - Sherman

Books You Can Read in a Day

Do you want something to read but want it to be short and sweet? The books listed here are great for reading in one sitting or in one day. Some of the best, most powerful books can be a quick read. This list consists of classics and some just for fun. I also included a few children’s books that everyone should read. Enjoy on September 6, Read a Book Day – or any day!

Title - The House on Mango StreetTitle - Mrs. DallowayTitle - Another BrooklynTitle - A Pale View of Hills

Latin American Comics: lighter reading

A list of comics made by people from or have some connection to South America. Some are educational, some are entertaining. A couple of them are both. When it came to more light hearted comics I was surprised at how few countries were represented. With the exception of one creator, almost all the other artists and writers are from Argentina.

Title - Adventures of Fede and TomatoTitle - 10 años con MafaldaTitle - Macanudo No. 1Title - Macanudo

Latin American Cookbooks

This Hispanic Heritage Month, learn a new recipe or two from countries all over Latin America! Each country has their own unique cuisine to offer, and these tasty recipes will be sure to please any crowd.

Title - DiasporicanTitle - Secrets of Colombian CookingTitle - The Dominican KitchenTitle - Mi Cocina

Deafness and Deaf Culture

Each September, the world recognizes the International Week of the Deaf. The World Day of the Deaf marks the end of the week’s celebrations. Here are some materials about Deaf culture that showcase the accomplishments of Deaf people throughout the country. In addition to learning about Deaf culture, I hope you’ll use the resources below to learn some of the basics of American Sign Language.

Title - Deaf UtopiaTitle - American Sign Language Made EasyTitle - The Hidden Treasure of Black ASLTitle - Introduction to American Deaf Culture

Adult Fiction Featuring Deaf Main Characters

In honor of World Day of the Deaf (Sunday, September 24, 2023), IndyPL offers the following selection of adult fiction featuring Deaf main characters.

Title - Huckleberry LakeTitle - Silent MelodyTitle - Sons of Blackbird MountainTitle - Talk Talk

Spies and Private Eyes

Horror isn’t for everyone, but if you’d like some intrigue, these stories will entertain anyone! All are available to check out at IndyPL.

Title - Before She Finds MeTitle - The Curse of SaintsTitle - The Blonde IdentityTitle - Alias Emma

Grocery Shopping & Eating on a Budget

When you go to the grocery store, do you get overwhelmed by WHAT those labels mean? And how do you eat well when you’re tight on funds? Join MCPHD Nutrition Services to learn about these things – and pick up a read or stream something awesome to stretch your dollars!

Title - Good and CheapTitle - Supermarket HealthyTitle - Cook More, Waste LessTitle - 100 Days of Real Food on A Budget

Black Girl Coming-of-Age Movies

While processing a zine called “Hot Propaganda,” edited by Jada Renee Ford, for the East 38th St. Branch Zine collection, I flipped through and landed on a line in a piece called “Help,” written also by Ford, which read, “I felt like I was in a coming-of-age movie if Black girls had coming-of-age movies.” I had to put it down and think, was that accurate? I thought that there must be some, but off the top of my head I couldn’t think of any, and so, set out to fill that gap. Some of these should have been obvious to me. Several are indie award-winners. Here’s some of what we have in the collection for Black girl coming-of-age movies.

Title - Just Another Girl on the I.R.TTitle - The Hate U GiveTitle - GirlhoodTitle - Jinn

Nick, Where Are They Now?

These are the latest projects in our collection from your favorite Nickelodeon stars now that they are all grown up.

Title - ITitle - PositionsTitle - Happy People Are AnnoyingTitle - Dynasty

Plantable Paper & Other Fun Seedy-ness

What if you combine love (or curiosity) for growing things with crafty desires? However you enjoy getting your hands messy, we can add to it! Whether you’re a kiddo or a grownie, these resources will help!

Title - Seed BombsTitle - On Guerrilla GardeningTitle - Plant, Sow, Make & GrowTitle - Gardening Lab for Kids

What is Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle is the newest superhero movie to come out. People everywhere are talking….about it under performing. Despite the poor turnout in the box-office, I enjoyed this film because I felt like the creative team knew how to portray a Hispanic family. As opposed to a certain Disney show where the target audience did not like the pandering. Here is some books, music and videos that I saw referenced in the movie.

Title - Cobra KaiTitle - Blue BeetleTitle - CronosTitle - Macario

Nonfiction Books on Bisexuality

Bisexuality is a broad and inclusive term that describes physical attraction, romantic attraction, or sexual behavior that is not limited to one sex. In the scientific language of sexual orientation, bisexuality encompasses both heterosexual (different sex) and homosexual (same-sex) attraction or behavior. Make a selection from this list to learn more. September 23 is Bisexuatlity Day.

Title - BiTitle - BiTitle - BiTitle - Greedy

Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Hour!

Sure, many of us will sleep through the extra hour we gain when we “fall back” at the end of Daylight Savings Time, but these resources might give you a better idea!

Title - And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and LongerTitle - We Should All Be FeministsTitle - One Hour of Nature Music: for Massage, Yoga and RelaxationTitle - Gratitude

Genre Fiction in Literature

Too often, the distinction between “literature” and “everything else” is drawn with palpable disdain, with special dismissal given to what many have termed “genre fiction”—science fiction, mystery, romance, and anything else that might receive a label based on its content. Yet literature also includes many such works, each characterized not by its subject but by its themes and innovations. Each of the titles below serves to demonstrate literature not as an exclusive selection of works but as a body of stories replete with meaning.

Title - FrankensteinTitle - BelovedTitle - 1984Title - Brave New World


In celebration of the anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit, you could just roll out your cottagecore decorations and call it a day. But Tolkien wrote a great deal about his inspiration for and distinguishing features of his Hobbits, beyond just their descriptions in his books, drawing many of their characteristics from his own personality and experiences, including his love of simple food, his fondness for the pipe, and the curly hair on his toes. Here is a list of titles to help tip your cottage core aesthetic over into Hobbitcore, so you can feel at home at any Hobbit feast or celebration.

Title - Mudgirls ManifestoTitle - Classic Crocheted VestsTitle - The Pipe CompanionTitle - Mushroom Foraging & Feasting

The Lives of Astronauts

Astronauts are extraordinary people. Take a trip with a few of them and learn about their times in space and on earth (before and after they left).

Title - The Last Man on the MoonTitle - Chasing SpaceTitle - First ManTitle - Mae Jemison

Italian Comics: For Adults

This list will focus on the works that was intended for a much older audience. I had heard of Tex, but I had no idea how violent it was. Mattoti Lorenzo pushes his creativity to appear like madness. Sylviane Corgat and Michelangelo La Neve has worlds you are glad you are not in (even if you still want to follow the characters adventure)!

Title - TexTitle - The Fire of TheseusTitle - Throne of IceTitle - Mattotti & Kramsky Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


Upcycling is the process of taking old or discarded materials and turning them into something new and more valuable than the original. It’s not a secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global waste. The average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing every year! Clothing made from common synthetic materials in our clothes like polyester and nylon are especially harmful to the environment because they don’t biodegrade. Check out these titles to revamp your shopping and clothing habits to help save the planet.

Title - SUSTAINABLE WARDROBETitle - Thanks for SharingTitle - The Embroidered ClosetTitle - Denim Upcycled

Robbie Robertson

Grieving the loss of Robbie Robertson. His contributions to music and culture are rich and complex. They are deeply embedded in his work with The Band and Bob Dylan, but expand outward in many directions.

Title - Once Were BrothersTitle - TestimonyTitle - Rock & Roll HighwayTitle - Greatest Hits

Which came first, the book or the television show?

Through the years there have been many television shows featuring detectives. Some of these were based on books that were published before the show. In other cases, the television show was so popular that books were written about the character after the show came out. In some cases, the author of those books is the fictional character from the television show, such as Jessica Fletcher or Richard Castle. Listed here are a few of the shows and books to enjoy.

Title - BonesTitle - Déjà DeadTitle - CastleTitle - Crashing Heat

Central Asia: Language Learning, Travel & Culture

After having taken an introductory class in Pashto this summer, I found myself wanting to learn more about Central Asia (a region I know very little about). I drew up this reading list in an attempt to discover more. I hope it stokes your curiosity as well!

Title - Central Asia Phrasebook & DictionaryTitle - Mango LanguagesTitle - Rosetta StoneTitle - Parwana

Coast-to-Coast Design

Buckle up! We’re going coast-to-coast to explore interior, architectural, and design style in America.

Title - Remodelista in MaineTitle - Montecito StyleTitle - Kentucky by DesignTitle - Seaside Style

Red, White & Royal Blue

These romances that are about royalty, fame, and scandal will get you ready for the Red, White, and Blue film release!

Title - Ana María and the FoxTitle - The Secret Lives of Country GentlemenTitle - ITitle - American Royalty

If You Like One Piece

Adventure, mayhem, and comedy collide to create unforgettable stories. "One Piece" has been a staple of the manga world for over 20 years. These related titles go hand in hand with all the excitement a neverending action series provides. Happy Reading!

Title - BleachTitle - NarutoTitle - Dragon BallTitle - Jujutsu Kaisen


Are you looking for reading recommendations for kids? We can help! Use these book lists created by our staff to find new and favorite books for kids of all ages covering a variety of topics and interests. Would you like to see more? Browse all of our staff recommendations for kids. Would you prefer one-on-one help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text, or email ask-a- librarian. For next step reading suggestions you can also browse What We’re Reading Teens.

Recommendations from Our Staff – September 2023

Folktales from Around the World for Preschoolers

These tales and illustrations will feed your imagination! Folktales from around the world help us to answer the many questions that preschoolers ask, and usually teach a lesson at the end. Come join us online for Reading Ready Time: Latin American Folktales with Marian University Theatre.

Title - CuckooTitle - Party Croc!Title - How Raven Got His Crooked NoseTitle - Two of Everything

Latin American Comics: lighter reading

A list of comics made by people from or have some connection to South America. Some are educational, some are entertaining. A couple of them are both. When it came to more light hearted comics I was surprised at how few countries were represented. With the exception of one creator, almost all the other artists and writers are from Argentina.

Title - Adventures of Fede and TomatoTitle - 10 años con MafaldaTitle - Macanudo No. 1Title - Macanudo

Spanish Bilingual Preschool Books

Enjoy these colorful stories, rhymes, and poems in English and Spanish. Disfrute de estas coloridas historias, rimas y poemas en inglés y español.

Title - The hummingbird sings and dancesTitle - ITitle - Maria Had A Little LlamaTitle - Animal talk

Archaeology Month

History is all around us – though sometimes you must look closely for the clues. Archaeologists work in the field and in the lab to do just that. Learn what a professional archaeologist does – and why it’s important to preserve the past – with this list in recognition of Archaeology Month.

Title - SharukoTitle - Digging DeepTitle - What Is An Archaeologist?Title - Dig Deep

Getting to Know You

With the start of the new school year, a great way to build a rapport with the kids is to show a vested interest in them, who they are, and what they think. From preschool to grade school, having a “getting to know you” session makes for a great interactive storytime to engage the kids and make storytime that much smoother for the rest of the year. Here are some of the books I (will have) used in my storytimes this month.

Title - I Like Myself!Title - ItTitle - The Family BookTitle - From Head to Toe

Weird Science

Join us for one of our upcoming programs about Carnivorous Plants, and enjoy this list that looks at other weird science! First, of course, there are books on carnivorous plants. There are also books about little known facts about dinosaurs, books on slime, descriptions of dangerous animals, and many more. Several of these books are books of facts, so the blurb has a sample fact. Enjoy!

Title - How Does Soap Clean your Hands?Title - Weird, Wild, Amazing! WaterTitle - Weird but True!Title - Gross and Ghastly Animals


Enjoy these great books about people who have made a difference in their worlds!

Title - Lola Out LoudTitle - Annette Feels FreeTitle - Hank on FirstTitle - On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue

The Game is AFoot: Middle Grade Mysteries

Enjoy these middle grade mysteries that will delight readers of all ages!

Title - The Body Under the PianoTitle - Book ScavengerTitle - Escape From Mr. LemoncelloTitle - Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring

The Lightning Thief

All the books on the list are first of a series fast- paced middle grade fantasies just like The Lightening Thief. Many of them are chosen one stories and all are different mythologies than Greek. Enjoy myths, legends, and fantastic creatures from around the globe in these attention-grabbing and often award-winning tales.

Title - Amari and the Night BrothersTitle - Aru Shah and the End of TimeTitle - Charlie Hernández & the League of ShadowsTitle - Loki

Monkey’n Around!

Looking for fun stories about monkeys? We have a list for you of silly monkeys doing what monkeys do!!

Title - Monkey BedtimeTitle - The Little Monkey Who WouldnTitle - Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the BedTitle - Grumpy Monkey

Strike! Labor Activism Books for Kids

With strikes and labor unions in the news, help your young reader lean about labor rights and activism as we prepare to celebrate Labor Day. Labor Day honors and recognizes the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers.

Title - VivaTitle - Lola Out LoudTitle - Please Please the BeesTitle - Who Was the Voice of the People?

Sharing Stories of 9/11 with Kids

Historical fiction and non-fiction books that share the story of 9/11 with children.

Title - Messages to Ground ZeroTitle - Big Apple DiariesTitle - The Red BandannaTitle - This Very Tree

Time for a Rest!

As Fall arrives, many creatures will move to their warm and safe homes to rest through the winter. Here are some books about animals who hibernate!

Title - Winter LullabyTitle - Hush up and Hibernate!Title - I DonTitle - The Snowy Nap

Veggietales and Beyond: Christian Movies for Kids

Veggietales is a lot of fun, but it is not the only Christian movie series out there. Check out these faith based movies available at your library.

Title - VeggieTalesTitle - The BibleTitle - The StarTitle - Family Camp

Wordless Wonders

Wordless Picture books are fun to “read” and the art work is amazing. Here is a list of wordless picture books published in the last two years.

Title - Field Trip to Volcano IslandTitle - BlanketTitle - I WishTitle - The Tree and the River

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Looking for ways to make lunchtime enjoyable for yourself or your kids? Try these 10 resources that will have lunch prep be fun, easy, and yummy!

Title - Dictator Lunches : Inspired Meals That Will Compel Even the Toughest of (tyrants) ChildrenTitle - LunchboxTitle - Fresh BentoTitle - Lunchbox

Are you looking for reading recommendations for teens? We can help! Visit us in person or online to get great ideas for your next great read. For one-on-one help call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations. You can also call, text, or email ask-a- librarian! Here are some more ideas to help you find what to read next.

  • Follow our staff’s most recently published book lists on the library catalog home page.
  • Don’t miss our If You Like… suggestions that cover all the favorite genres like science fiction, graphic novels, romance, and more.
  • Join us Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. on Facebook for Currently Reading where book enthusiasts offer their suggestions.
  • Tune in every other Wednesday at 10 a.m. to the Indy Now Book Club with Ryan and Jillian on Fox59 for reading recommendations and IndyPL program highlights from your own local librarians.
  • You can also get reading recommendations online from NovelList or Book Connections. Read book reviews, see “read alike” lists, browse starred reviews, and more.

Reading Recommendations for Teens – September 2023

Make a selection from one of the book lists below created by our staff of avid readers whose reading experiences and tastes cover about any interest you can think of!

Time Travel Graphic Novels for Teens

Check out this selection of graphic novels and manga from our teen collection that feature elements of time travel. These graphic novels are filled with chances to change the past/future, bearing witness to historical events, jumping between realities, letters from a future self, and manipulation of space and time by powerful beings.

Title - DisplacementTitle - A Girl Called EchoTitle - The Knife at your BackTitle - Inkblot

Dungeon and Dragons Stories

This list is a look at some stories of dungeon divers, dungeon clubs, dungeon trainers and dungeons in general. Enjoy! See our full listing of Dugneon and Dragon upcoming programs.

Title - No Humans Allowed!Title - Warriors & WeaponsTitle - Lost in the Mushroom MazeTitle - The Dungeoneers

Standalone Mysteries for Adults and Teens

From Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes to Alex Cross and Jack Reacher, the detectives in popular mystery novels are often as famous as the titles themselves. Serial releases are arguably most at home in the mystery genre, where familiar investigators tackle new, exhilarating cases in every entry. Yet many readers may not want to get into a series without starting from the beginning, and there are few feelings more disappointing for such a reader than picking up a new bestseller only to find it’s the latest in a long-running series. If you find you can empathize with this feeling, consider a read from the following list, which is composed entirely of standalone mysteries or first entries in a series.

Title - One of Us Is LyingTitle - That DarknessTitle - TenTitle - Hide

Knitting Pop Culture

It’s hot outside! If you’re staying indoors, binge-watching movies and tv shows, try knitting while you watch. This winter you could be wearing mittens inspired by Little Women, a hat inspired by The Great Gatsby, a knitted Princess Leia’s snow vest, a homemade knitted sweater of your favorite Disney character, or a Hogwarts house cardigan.

Title - Knitting MagicTitle - Knitting the GalaxyTitle - Knitting With DisneyTitle - Highland Knits

Italian Comics: young adult

In part two of looking at Fumetti (comics from Italy) we look at how cruel nature can be. We can look at mans struggle against nature. We see some beautifully illustrated fantasy and some science fiction that leaves you with more questions than answers. There is one story that took inspiration from the classic and controversial Young Adult novel Starship Troopers.

Title - The Swords of GlassTitle - The OmniscientsTitle - OrphansTitle - Love

Teen Manga

Explore the teen Manga collection at IndyPL! Manga is a style of Japanese comic books, aimed at adults, teens, and children. If you’re new to the genre, you’ll find the first book of many popular teen series here. Click on the book to find the rest in the series!

Title - JojoTitle - BeastarsTitle - The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of GoodbyesTitle - Assassination Classroom

Teens in Peril in Space

Nothing spices up adolescence like killer aliens. Or hard vacuum. Or a sinister interstellar conspiracy.

Title - Brightly BurningTitle - Victories Greater Than DeathTitle - ToxicTitle - The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

In-Person & Online Book Discussions for Teens