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Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024

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During the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 people on Earth will be able to see the Moon partially, or completely, block the Sun. The path of totality – the places where people can see the Moon completely block the Sun, happens to include Indianapolis! You can learn about solar eclipses online, by checking out books or movies from The Library, or by attending one of our programs. We have some great programs and books for kids too!

Pick up a pair of eclipse glasses.

Through a partnership with The Star Network Library, The Indianapolis Public Library will be offering free eclipse glasses to the public beginning March 15, while supples last.  Glasses are available one per person, per visit.

Learn why wearing these glasses is so important to protect your eyes:

Attend a program.

Learn about solar eclipses and how to watch them.

Share the experience with kids.

PBS Kids: Read a Book – Solar Eclipse
Enjoy this video read aloud which tells the story of the British astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington who decided to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity by photographing the 1919 solar eclipse.

Find out where to be and what to do for the eclipse experience of a lifetime.

NASA for Kids: What is an Eclipse?

The Planetary Society: Sharing an Eclipse with Kids

Reading Recommendations for Adults

Look to this list for some intriguing science fiction takes on cosmic disasters! These titles include tragic and/or triumphant tales where the threat of the Sun, the Moon, or another space feature impacting Earth causes global catastrophes, and their endings will probably leave you in some kind of existential and/or philanthropic state. Enjoy!

Title - The Twilight ZoneTitle - SunshineTitle - MelancholiaTitle - Life as We Knew It

Total Eclipse and Sky Gazing For Kids

The skies have so much mystery, science, and beauty. Enjoy the list inspired by the total eclipse and the power of our universe. Since the dawn of time, humans have looked up and tried to figure out their place in the world. Let’s all “engage” and journey into space and beyond.

Title - A Few Beautiful MinutesTitle - EclipseTitle - Sky GazingTitle - Totality!