If you enjoy board, card, and dice games, you are in luck! The Library has books, programs, and gaming recommendations for tabletop gamers of all ages – explore them all!

1. New York Times Crossword & Games

Did you know that your library card gives you free 24-hour access to the New York Times crossword puzzle and other games? You must first create a New York Times account if you don’t already have one.

  1. Visit The New York Times: Crossword & Games..
  2. Enter your library card barcode number and click “Get Code.”
  3. Click “Redeem” to submit your randomly generated access code.
  4. Since you need to have a New York Times online account to use the code, the next step prompts you to create an account (which is free) or to log in to your existing account.
  5. You now have access to The New York Times for 24 hours. After the 24 hours are up redeem another code for another 24-hours of access. Enjoy!

2. Gaming Programs

  • Event: Teens Unplugged: Gaming
  • Date & Time: Thursday, April 18, 4:00pm
  • Location: Lawrence Branch
  • Description: Have you heard of games like Bears VS Babies, “Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza”, Cataan, King of Tokyo and Exploding Kittens? Come learn to play these games and many more!
  • Register Here

3. e-Books & Streaming

Browse a wide selection of e-books, downloadable audiobooks, and e-magazines about gaming from OverDrive. If you have never borrowed from OverDrive before both app directions and browser directions are available as well as a video tutorial and Overdrive Support.

Need more help? Ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text or email Ask-a-Librarian. The Tinker Station helpline at (317) 275-4500 is also available. It is staffed by device experts who can answer questions about how to read, watch and listen on a PC, tablet or phone.

4. Reading Recommendations from IndyPL Staff

Click on a featured booklist to get gaming recommendations or see all our staff gaming lists.

5. Six Game Night Favorites from IndyPL Staff

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Recommended ages: 4+
Do you love Candyland? Or…are you tired of playing Candyland?! While Candyland is a classic which is available to play, you may also enjoy this colorful game. All players on one team work together to help baby owls return to their nest before the sun comes up.

Dr. Eureka

Recommended ages: 6+
This fast-paced puzzle game has players racing to pour colorful balls back-and-forth between plastic test tubes to recreate specific patterns! If you can mix and match the contents of your test tubes the fastest, you can score points by winning cards!


Recommended ages: 7+
Are you a master of tic-tac-toe? You are ready to level up to Pentago! In this two-player game, you compete to get five marbles in a row—with a twist! After placing a marble, you must rotate one quadrant of the game board ninety degrees. You can only win if you have five-in-a-row, after the twist!

Battle Sheep

Recommended ages: 7+
If you like a little strategy, a fun challenge can be had with Battle Sheep! In this game, you start with one stack of sheep in the pasture, and each turn you split a stack and slide some sheep to a new position. If you can spread your flock out across the pasture the most, you will be the winner!

Forbidden Island

Recommended ages: 8+
Work together to find clues, discover ancient treasures, and make it back to your team helicopter–all before the island sinks below the waves forever! With multiple ways to lose and only one way to win, it will take clever teamwork and a little luck to succeed at this mission!


Recommended ages: 10+
In many card games, everyone shares the same deck of cards. In Ascension, each player has their own small deck. By playing your starting cards carefully, you can add powerful new cards to your deck that you shuffle in and play on later turns! This fun game has a light fantasy theme, but your real goal will quickly become to collect as many of the shiny red gems as possible!

These game recommendations were contributed by Christopher Brozo, a Youth Multimedia Learning Specialist in the Learning Curve at Central Library. He loves tabletop games of all kinds, especially strategy and cooperative games! He co-hosts Family Game Night at Central, a weekly program for kids, families, and friends. Do you have a favorite game? Be sure to tell the guy who is wearing a black Learning Curve lab coat and practicing yo-yo tricks.

Need help?

Ask a Library staff member at any of our locations or call, text or email Ask-a-Librarian. The Tinker Station helpline at (317) 275-4500 is also available. It is staffed by device experts who can answer questions about how to read, watch and listen on a PC, tablet or phone.

Try out these online games that are recommended by the staff at the Learning Curve at Central Library.

Visit the Learning Curve in person! From games to story times to art programs, and even an area for teens only, the Learning Curve offers a unique blend of digital and traditional library materials and programming for youth ages 0-18. Our interactive activities are aligned with academic standards and incorporate a variety of technologies to ensure a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Enjoy this list of our favorite online games.


BrainPOP: Games
Lessons and games on a variety of subjects.

BrainPOP Games: Sortify Inventions
Sort the inventions into categories, or form pairs or sequences for extra points.

Famobi Games: 123 Puzzle
What number comes next in the sequence?

Free Rice
Practice subjects like multiplication and vocabulary while donating rice through the UN World Food Programme.

Mr. Nussbaum Learning + Fun
Lessons and games on a variety of subjects.

Mr. Nussbaum: Spellerz
Fend off the invading spaceships with your spelling and typing skills!

Nonograms are like paint-by-number logic puzzles – give it a try!

PBS Kids
Play games and activities with your favorite PBS characters!

Math, language arts, and seasonal games for kids pre-K through Grade 3.

A clever platform video game – stop time to solve each level!

Create interactive stories, games, and puzzles.


Google Arts & Culture
Make interactive art and music, visit thousands of museums and landmarks around the world, and play games.

Google Arts & Culture: Blob Opera
Machine learning meets classical composition techniques – conduct your own 4-voice choir.

Met Museum: MetKids
Explore the Met museum with a “Where’s Waldo”-inspired interactive map.

Modular Mindset: Car Drawing Game
Draw and simple vehicle and solve each level.


Colonial Williamsburg: Explore from Home
Visit and learn more about Colonial Williamsburg and 17th-18th century American life.

The Anne Frank House: Web and Digital
Visit the Anne Frank house online and learn more about this extraordinary girl, her life, and legacy.

Science & Engineering

Engineering.com Games: Bridge Designer
Build a bridge to safely get loads across!

Engineering.com Games: Dynamic Systems
Think like an engineer to solve each level.

Engineering.com Games: Factory Balls Forever
Changing only one thing at a time, prepare each ball to match and ship out.

Exploratorium: Science Snacks
Hands-on STEAM projects using everyday materials.

Exploratorium Tinker Lab
Tinker and create with projects from San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum.

MIT: Scratch Coding Lab
Play and create games and animations using block-based coding language (and join the Learning Curve Scratch Studio!)

Physicsgames.net: Rolling Cheese
Guide the cheese to the hungry mouse by destroying objects that are in the way.

Scientific American + Science Buddies
At-home STEM projects, experiments, and lessons.