Reading Recommendations

Fall Fun at the Library

Looking for something fun to do or just the right book to curl up with on a dark and stormy night? Join us for some fall fun at The Library! Need a reading recommendation? Our staff is here to help!


Central Library
Saturday, November 18 from 12 – 4 p.m.

An afternoon for all members of the family! Interactive entertainment along with a poetry challenge for middle to high school students. This year’s dynamic speaker is actress and director, Kim Fields! Learn all the day’s details.

  • Captivating Carnivorous Plants for Kids
    Join 4-H to explore the mystery and wonder of carnivorous plants that eat insects and other small creatures. Through hands-on activities, learn what plants need to grow and how plants adapt to their environments. Take home your own decorated chia planter!

Halloween Storytime Online

Here are fun stories to help calm some typical Halloween fears….with laughing! You can listen to them right now. In Zombies Don’t Eat VeggiesMo is a zombie who loves to garden, growing his own vegetables. He likes to cook and eat them. Mo’s parents insist that he needs to eat better for his zombie health. He needs to eat things like “finger” foods…and they don’t mean snacks! They tell Mo, “zombies don’t eat veggies!” Mo IS a zombie and HE eats veggies. Listen along as Mo tries to convince his parents to give veggies a try. Enjoy Halloween storytime online! See more books that help turn Halloween fear into Halloween fun!

If You Like Horror

stacks of old books and a skull

If you are specifally looking for the extra terrifying, let us show you six easy ways to find your next horrifying read from horror award winners, to favorite authors, to a horror book newsletter delivered right to your inbox every month!

Looking for some mysterious or spooky fun? Try one of these book lists that feature favorite fall and Halloween reading genres, TV, and movies. Fall fun at The Library every day!


  • AhOoooooh – Werewolves of Fiction – IndyPL_KaseyP

    Why do shapeshifters fascinate us so? Maybe it’s the transformational quality, or the idea that we’ve all got a little beast hidden inside of us. These stories of lycanthropy promise fear, fascination, and maybe a few howls at the moon!

  • Clowns: Scary or Not So Scary? – IndyPL_ChaseM

    Read through this list of clown related books and movies, to determine on a case-by-case basis if the clown or clowns are scary…or not so scary!

  • Crime-solving spooks – IndyPL_SarahS

    Sometimes, having been murdered is the best preparation for solving crimes. It’s a weirdly popular trope among cozy mysteries.

  • Deadly Games Movies & Books – IndyPL_RyanL

    Horror and thriller movies/books about deadly survival competitions and games that will leave you hearing the eerie phrase “Do you want to play a game?”

  • Dolls: Scary or Not So Scary? – IndyPL_ChaseM

    Pediophobia is the fear of dolls or inanimate objects that appear human, Examine these books and movies on a case-by-case basis to determine if dolls are scary…or not so scary!

  • Graphic Novels To Die For – IndyPL_ShainaS

    Within this spooky list, you’ll find some lesser known graphic novel gems spotlighted. But beware, their shadows are long and twisty. Muahaha!

  • The Little House Down the Lane – Haunted House Stories – IndyPL_KaseyP

    Be it a decrepit mansion, busted apartment complex, or secluded hotel, beware the building that looks back at you with hatred in its grubby windows! And never ever set foot inside…

  • Mysteries with a Paranormal Twist – IndyPL_MicheleP

    Things such as Tarot Cards, Angels, Psychics, Ghosts, Seances, Crystal Balls, and Talking Skeletons can be found in these mystery series. Throw off your disbelief for a short time and enjoy!

  • Sweet and Spooky Romances – IndyPL_RachelNW

    Celebrate the start of fall by reading these sweet and spooky paranormal romances. Read about werewolves, witches, ghosts, and vampires as they carve pumpkins and fall in love.

  • Witchy Mysteries – IndyPL_JessicaM

    Love mysteries and want to get in the mood for the spooky season? Enjoy these mysteries with witch protagonists and magical twists.

TV & Movies

  • A History of Horror Films – IndyPL_ChaseM

    October, more specifically the Halloween season, is a great time to celebrate horror movies and what scares us. This list explores how the definition of what scares us has changed and how culture and society influenced it.

  • If You Like Camp Upside-Down: If you like Stranger Things – IndyPL_KaseyP

    If you love this nostalgic horror phenomenon from Netflix, you know it makes 80s pop culture references galore! Here are some of the gems referencee, as well as Hawkins, IN adjacent goodies for all seasons.

  • If You Like Shaun of the Dead – IndyPL_KaseyP

    Horror Comedies can be done well. (Fair warning: Almost all of these carry an R-Rating. Please giggle responsibly.)

  • Octoberween // Books & Movies to Die For Part 2: The Spookening – IndyPL_ShainaS

    20 beloved favorites! OoooOoooooooo OOOOOOOoooooooooo

  • Terrifying Horror Films – IndyPL_JessicaL

    Beware, these films are not for the faint of heart. Perfect for having a fright night anytime of the year.

  • Zombie Comedy Films – IndyPL_TimothyV

    Some of these movies are classic. Others are classically bad. Either way, zombies can make us laugh even as they terrify us.


  • Halloween Cooking Fun – IndyPL_KathyH

    Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want some fun treats to make for your friends or family, check out these fun Halloween cookbooks.

  • Halloween – It’s Not Just for Kids! – IndyPL_KathyH

    "There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch." Robert Brault #IndyPLAdults

  • Mr. & Mrs. Shelley: The Original Goth Couple – IndyPL_DanA

    When Percy was killed in a boating accident, Mary kept his petrified heart on her person and in her desk until the day she died. Learn more!

  • Spooky Scores – IndyPL_MarianneK

    Tingle your spine while tinkling the ivories with these classic chillers.

For Kids & Teens

  • Fall Into Autumn with These Wonderful Books – IndyPL_ShannonO

    Fall is here! Time to get into the spirit with some autumn-themed picture books! These are great titles for story times, displays, and more!

  • Spooky Graphic Novels for Kids – IndyPL_RyanL

    A small sampling of some spooky and fun graphic novels for kids. Just in time for Halloween.

  • Octoberween // Picture Books – IndyPL_ShainaS

    Here’s a third batch of creepy cute Halloween-y picture books to warm your chilly autumn nights!

  • Bats! Bats! Bats! – IndyPL_BarbaraOL

    Kids are fascinated by bats. This list includes some nonfiction books as well as imaginative picture books with tender and sometimes humorous stories to help young nature lovers explore the lives of these mysterious nocturnal creatures.

  • Books to Turn Halloween Fear into Halloween Fun! – IndyPL_Recommends_Kids

    Many small children don’t find Halloween fun at all! The masks, the jumping out surprises and all the ghosts, vampires & scary looking pumpkins can be too many surprises for little trick-or-treaters. Here are several stories that can help kids turn their Halloween fears into Halloween fun!

  • Dare I Say, This List Is Spoopy*? – IndyPL_ShainaS

    Collected in this monstrous list are a few picture books that I love, all featuring creepy-cute creatures and spooky shenanigans. The term “spoopy” means something that is cute/comical and spooky, rather than typically scary spooky.

  • If You Like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – IndyPL_CarrieS

    These books offer the same kind of suspense and thrills. This is a list of middle grade books for future Stephen King fans. If you get a thrill out of wondering what lurks in the closet after dark… These stories are for you!

  • Monsters Aren’t Scary – IndyPL_JessicaNS

    Not all monster books are scary! If your little one is afraid of monsters, these are some good choices to help with their fears. They’ll be laughing at monsters in no time.

  • Spooky Graphic Novels – IndyPL_ShannonO

    Get into the Halloween spirit with one of these spooky graphic novels!

  • Wholesome Halloween – IndyPL_JessicaL

    Enjoy the fun of Halloween with this family-friendly collection of videos!

  • Witchy Reads for Halloween – IndyPL_ShannonO

    Get into the Halloween season with these witch-themed books and graphic novels for kids and teens.